The Ultimate Guide To Maldives Trip

Maldives will always be on top of the list when it comes to vacations for everyone. In fact, from kids to elders everybody loves Maldives for its mesmerizing beauty. This luxury holiday destination looks stunning with the glowing beach water, palm trees, resorts, villas, restaurants and hotels. If you are visiting Maldives for the first time, then here are some tips for you to make your trip a very memorable one in your life.

Best Time to Visit Maldives

The weather here will be extremely good from January to April. The humidity will be very less during these months here. If you are someone who doesn’t like crowds, then visit this place during May to October. Besides, the peak tourism season in Maldives includes December to March. If you are planning to visit this place during the peak season, then plan your trip ahead. Remember, accommodation and flight ticket rates will be very high during the peak season. Hence, you should book them at least one or two months before the peak tourism season starts.

Travel Agency

If you haven’t visited this place any time before then I am sure you will not have any idea about the resorts here. Hire a good travel agency and they will take care of everything. In fact, from accommodation to activities, they will plan everything for you the way you want. Zeldiva Luxury is one of the most reputed travel agencies in the UK which offer the best Maldives resorts holiday packages. Check their site online and you will get stunned looking at the prices of their holiday packages.

Travel Requirements

You would require a valid passport to travel to Maldives. Check with the travel agency to know what else you require.

Plan Ahead

If you want to plan your trip on your own, then try booking accommodation and flight tickets online. Remember, it is difficult to get accommodation during peak season. And, if you don’t get the accommodation in the resorts or hotels which are looking for then you have to search for another one. Visiting different hotels or resorts to book a room can be frustrating sometimes, especially with your kids. Hence, book a room in advance to stay relaxed during your travel. Planning ahead everything will help you to find a room in the hotel or resort which you are exactly looking for.

Don’t Miss Water sports

Maldives is famous for water sports like snorkelling, jet skiing, fly boarding, surfing etc. Do enjoy them with your friends or family members without fail to have loads of fun.

Food to Try

Maldives is also famous for food. Some of the famous food items which Maldives is famous for includes Banana flower salad, samosa, fish soup, fish fry, Roti, Sago pudding etc. Do try them and you will definitely love their taste.


Pack only light weight clothes to this place to stay comfortable at beaches. You should also carry sunglasses as well to stay comfortable in the sunlight. Carry a first aid kit as well with you as it will be helpful to you if some emergency arises during your trip.

Once you are all set with the plan, the only thing that is left is to start your departure.

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