Generic Driving Tips That Can Save a Life from Accidents and Breakdown

Driving school is the best place to learn driving professionally. To drive in Australia especially in Victoria state, one has to be familiar with the roads, signs, and traffic rules. The driving school provides necessary knowledge and skills, which is required to become a probationary licensed driver.

The rules in Melbourne are different from other cities in Australia. Therefore, it is significant to learn the road rules and get a license for driving. One of the great advantages of driving in Melbourne is the expansive roads and expressways that make driving convenient. Melbourne is known for the highest sales of cars as the city is completely dependent on the automobile for transport.

Pass First Go works with the best instructors and driving school to provide the best driving lessons Melbourne. You can learn about safe driving, enhance your driving skills, and become a confident driver while learning from their experienced instructors. They’re flexible with their timings so that their students can join the school at their convenience. They provide different types of driving lessons depending upon the student’s capabilities.

Tips for Efficient Driving

A driving school will build confidence so that you can drive even in the busiest street and take decisions during emergencies and tough situations. Practical sessions make a learner more efficient. However, sometimes even the most efficient drivers make mistakes that may be dangerous in certain situations. Today we will tell you some useful tips that you may not learn even in a driving school –

  • Adjust the side view mirrors properly to avoid blind spots. To check if there is no blind spot, drive passing another car in reverse and look through the side-view mirror, the moment it is out of view, you may see it through the central mirror.
  • In the same way adjust the rear-view mirror so that the back window of your car is completely visible, even when you’re in your normal position on the car seat.
  • To feel the wheel’s positions, place an empty crushed bottle on the road and practice driving over it with left and right wheels. Keep the windows open to hear the bottle crunch noise so that you’re sure you stepped your wheels on it correctly.
  • Don’t drive quickly on puddles because there is a chance that water may get into the ignition system and stop the engine. Slow down while crossing a puddle and drive thoroughly smoothly.
  •  Generally, in winters the car engine doesn’t start instantly. First, turn on the high beams, radio, or indicator and heat the car battery, then start the engine.
  • The Rearview mirror has day mode and night mode. To avoid blindness at night due to the car behind, change the angle of the mirror by pulling down the lever.
  • Use the air conditioner frequently to avoid coolant tubes drying up.
  • Use hand brakes regularly to keep them free, but avoid it in winters because that may freeze the brake pads.
  • If you see the neigh bring car slowing down, then you do the same. It could be that the driver in front may have seen a pedestrian or animal crossing road.
  • To avoid skidding slow down before taking a turn in any lane.

These tips are generic and you may not find them important. However, a smart person will always know that following these tips will help avoid accidents.

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