Evaluating the Best and Safe Height to Hang Your Chandelier in The Foyer

The foyers are the first impression of your home that leaves a long-lasting positive impression on the mind of welcoming guests. The astonishing dazzling effect requires a lot of hit and trial methods from selecting the right chandelier to hanging it at a safe and proper height. It is a tricky task.

Your guests may overlook the artistic design and lighting effects of your high chandeliers. A low hung chandelier can be troublesome for your guests to find their way in and out. It also has a probability of hitting their heads.

You can either calculate by yourself or can take professional advice for the correct height to hang your foyer chandelier. Sofary Lighting LLC Company in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., has skilled designers, craftsmen, and manufacturing specialists to assist you with your customized chandeliers.

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Designers’ rule for choosing the right height of your chandelier’s base in the foyer

A general rule is to keep the base height of the chandelier at 7-feet above the floor.

If you have a foyer with an 8-feet high ceiling, you can install a small chandelier close enough to the ceiling to maintain the standard base height of 7-feet. You can shop for a ceiling-mounted chandelier for low height foyer.

For a two-story or higher foyer, you can place the base of the chandelier to match with the second story. You can keep the bottom of the chandelier either at 8-feet or even higher above the floor.

You can choose multi-layered spiral chandeliers for higher foyers to ensure that the lighting effects reach to all stories. A higher foyer will require larger chandelier fixtures, with better illuminating bulbs, hung at 8-feet and above to give a feeling of magnificent and glamourous entrance effect.

Other tips and formulae for selecting the right chandeliers

You must measure the width and height of your room in feet and then add them. The resulting sum is the diameter of your chandelier measured in inches. Your 10-feet by 15-feet room will need a chandelier of 25-inches in diameter.

You can find the height of the chandelier fixture by considering a 2 to 3-inch chandelier height for every 1-foot of ceiling height. If you have a ceiling of 15-feet, then you need a chandelier fixture of 30 to 45-inches in high.

You can also choose the number of LED bulbs based on experts’ assumptions. It states that the total required wattage for better illumination is 1.5 times the area of your room. For example, a 10-foot by 10-feet room has an area of 100 square feet. The total wattage required is a total of 1.5 multiplied by 100, which is 150-watts. You can choose a single 150-watts bulb or a different number of bulbs that totals to 150-watts for achieving the required illumination.

It is good to do your homework, but taking an expert or professional advice is a clear idea before buying your chandelier for your foyer.

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