What to Expect After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

There is no doubt that gastric sleeve surgery greatly helps in losing your stubborn body weight. It is done when other attempts to lose weight fails and you feel there is no other alternative.

Expert surgeons doing this kind of surgeries advice individuals to consider the dos and don’ts involved in gastric sleeve surgery. This is because for any successful medical treatment, you need to take care of many things during aftercare period of surgery. If you decide to do gastric sleeve surgery, know more in detail about this treatment.

Gastric sleeve surgery:

It is an uncomplicated surgery as a part of your stomach is cut and rest is stapled together. Your stomach size is narrowed just like cutting of your sleeve from big cloth. The basic theory behind the surgery is that people having narrow stomach size will eat less, thus remain slim and fit. Your intestines won’t be involved in the surgery, thus not to worry about acquiring severe side effects. However, it is essential to be careful after the surgery.

You need to understand that the surgery is the first basic step to lose weight. You need to take more steps ahead to fully recover from surgery to move on the path of losing excess weight permanently. Your surgeon and dietitian will surely help you to regain your strength after surgery and to reduce your weight to gain shapely figure and be active again. The gastric sleeve surgery recovery time last for few weeks and you are again on your feet fit and fine.

gastric sleeve surgery recovery time

Here are few easy to do tips to take care of your health after the surgery:

  • You will be given medication to ease the discomfort you feel after the surgery. No need to be concerned about your sore and slightly swollen stomach as in few days’ time all the discomfort will subside.
  • When you leave for your home, the hospital caring staff will hand advice about post-surgery care to be done at home. It will be useful to note their instructions as you can remember everything later.
  • A nutritionist or dietitian associated with the hospital will provide you with the list of food plan that you need to strictly follow.
  • You will require help or assistance for few days at home. Surely your family, friends or relatives can assist in the hour of need.
  • It will be advisable to drink clear liquid for few days as it will help in healing your surgical part and keep the body hydrated helping to prevent any side issues troubling your general health.
  • While gaining strength back start eating soft boiled food free of gluten and high in carbohydrate.
  • It will be helpful for a week to eat approximately 400 calories food to wade away nausea and problems of indigestion.
  • In two weeks’ time you can start exercising a little and enjoy food that does not have excess sugar and isn’t creamy enough to add on calories.

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