FAQs About the Government’s Ticket to Work Program

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990. It’s a law that prohibits any discrimination against the disabled. It has plenty of benefits, especially in terms of employment.

This act penalizes companies that’ll demote, fire, or deny a job to a person on the sole basis of their physical, psychological, and cognitive limitations. But, the presence of this law alone can’t completely eliminate the hurdles experienced by people with disabilities when searching for an occupation.

To further help disabled individuals seek long-term employment, the government launched an initiative called the Social Security Ticket to Work(sometimes just called “Ticket”). This article lists some of the frequently asked questions about this program. Read on to discover the answers to these common queries.

What Exactly Is the Ticket?

The ultimate goal of this program is to promote self-sufficiency and independence to those who are already receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Social Security Income (SSI). To achieve that, the governmenthelpsdisabled adults find a suitable job for them. For starters, there are seminars thatindividuals aged 18 to 64 can attend.

How Can the Ticket Program Help People Get a Job?

Aside from the seminars, there are also Employment Networks (ENs) available. These organizations can assist those with disabilities to find the right job for them. They offer a variety of services, including:

  • Career Counseling – Career specialists can help you find employment opportunities based on your skills, talents, and previous volunteer work, if applicable.
  • Links to Other Companies – ENs can help you be connected with plenty of companies across all industries. This way, you’re sure to get a job that’s suitable for you.
  • Employment Progress Monitoring – ENs will continue to track your progress as a member of the workforce. They’ll continuously contact you and your employer and ask how you’re doing.If needed, you’ll also be provided with adequate support to help you cope with the sudden change of environment.

Is the Ticket Only Applicable for Office and Home-Based Jobs?

Not exactly. People can also take advantage of the Ticket to get government support when trying to become self-employed or starting their own business. Just contact your EN if you want to have this opportunity.

Also, there are instances in which ENs also help with education. This happens when a person wants to attend training sessions or become a graduate student to enhance their skills and get better employment opportunities.

Is It Possible to Lose One’s Social Security Benefits?

Under normal circumstances, the disabled person will continue to receive SSDI or SSI. It’ll only be stopped when the government deems that their earnings through their work or business become large enough to support themselves.

Also, those enrolled in the Ticket to Work program continue to be eligible for Medicaid benefits. It won’t stop as long as they’re receiving SSDI or SSI from the government.

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