How Memphis Is Trying to Lower the Crime?

Lots of developmental activities are taking place in the Memphis and almost regularly, one can hear various new announcements.

Besides various economic development, the Memphis Crime Commission is also trying to take data driven approach to reduce crime in the city and as a result, violent crimes in Memphis is also coming down gradually.

Now let us try to understand how the reduction of crime is taking place as it is one of the very important things so far as Memphis is concerned.

There are basically 2 main reasons why it is important to reduce crime in Memphis:

  1. Most important reason is to reduce number of victims of different crimes as most of the citizens are totally fed up with law and order situation.
  2. Also, crime reduction will relate directly to maintain the momentum of the city and to obtain growth in population, jobs, and tax base which is desire of most of people.

There were many cases where people have been victim of robbery which took place at gunpoint even near their home in Midtown. Many often, stolen vehicle was used for committing various crimes.

Even the Memphis Chamber president was not spared, who also lost his life due to crime in the downtown itself in one of the similar incidents.

As per Memphis Police Department last year, reported crime in the downtown area were very few. Also, on day to day basis people are making less complain about crime. However, the senseless crime that took place can happen any time.

Particularly in the neighborhood where income of people is lower the concern about crime is much more. As such, people of any income, age, status deserve to live safely and hence need safer environment.

Along with the economic growth and prosperity it is equally important that crime rate in the Memphis must reduce.

Crime can affect:

  • Quality of life
  • Livability in certain specific neighborhoods
  • Overall perception about the city
  • Ability to attract jobs for the residents.

Local leaders of Memphis very well understand this problem. Various studies have been done to reduce the crime.

A 5-year operation was initiated which is in its second year which is a well-balanced plan, with intervention, prevention and enforcement steps. Lots of progress has happened in different parts of this plan.

There is an increase in number of police officers in Memphis during this year after lots of loss of police force during last 6-year period.

Strong prosecution has been implemented for gun crimes and focus on increasing the involvement of citizen though neighborhood watch, implementation of various transitional work opportunities meant for offenders so that they can mix with mainstream community after serving prison term.

Also, focused efforts have been made which is stick and carrot kind of approach meant for serious offenders by warning them.

They will be accountable for any further criminal activity however will be offered help if they contribute in reducing crime.

Young people need better mentoring so that they may not move in wrong direction and get involved in crime.

We should thank the public as well as private sector leaders for taking action for making the community much safer and also encouraging all responsible officials to initiate action for implementing the plan with sense of urgency.

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