How To Visit Bucharest For The First Time And Not Get Bored

Do you enjoy touring different world cities? If so, make sure you travel around Bucharest soon. Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and is ever vibrant and full of life. You can visit Bucharest any time you wish or throughout the year. If you get help from one of the best tour guides in the area, you will not feel bored or regret your decision to visit Bucharest. As there are several tours in Bucharest, you need to select just those you can finish within the duration of your trip.  No matter what, ensure that you do the following during your first time ever in Bucharest:

  • Explore the Palace of the Parliament – Every tourist is advised to visit this attraction site. Also called the House of the People, the Palace of the Parliament is the most popular landmark of the country’s communist era. The nation’s history was renewed right here in the House of the People and you really should see it. The mammoth building itself will fascinate you.
  • Visit the market – A market tour is one of those you should do if you love art and culture. Not only will you get a chance to taste a street snack like Mici and eat local food called Covrigi. You will also drink the most refreshing beer from Craft breweries. Before your market tour ends, you will have explored the Obor Market on Mosilor Street, University Square, Strada Batistei, Armenian quarter and old Jewish quarter.
  • Bike tours around the city – If you can ride a bike there is a big chance that you will enjoy a Bucharest bike tour offered by your favorite tour guide. The tour will involve riding to different spots: the Herastrau Park, Revolution Square, and Palace of the Parliament and so on. A bike tour will roughly last four hours and will be the most exciting day trip.
  • Walking day excursions – As the town is big, your guide might choose to only take you to some places. One of the places included in most walking tours is the Victoriei Avenue near the United Nations Square. This area may interest historians the most as the country’s historical and cultural attractions are preserved here. Streets with old buildings and monuments will not be a rare sight as you trek through the streets near the Victoriei Avenue. The place itself consists of the Revolution Square, National Museum of Art, Atheneum, Museum of Art Collections, Military Palace, CEC Palace and Cantacuzimo Palace.
  • Visit the Old Town – Your Bucharest tour can be complete without viewing the Old Town. This is a place where ancient monuments in Bucharest are located. Besides the monument, the streets are laden with lively people and fast food businesses. While the area is just a small portion of a huge city, it is noticeably one of the most vibrant regions it has. While here, tour the 19th century Manuc Inn, an ancient home of the medieval princes, the old merchant streets, Stavropoleos Monastery (built in the 18th century) and the oldest church in the entire city.

Besides the above-mentioned tourist landmarks, make sure you view the Village Museum. It exhibits a sophisticated collection of more than 53,000 traditional art objects. These are placed in the outdoor section and inside the museum. There are more that 300 monuments in the permanent exhibition area alone, making this the best school if you are looking into the country’s distant past.

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