Dogs are Best Friends to Any Family that Bring Endless Joy and Fun

Dogs are always welcomed in every family. It is very rare that people reject keeping dogs as pet. Those who are not willing to have dogs as pets may be allergic to dog, travel a lot or suffer from Cynophobia.  When you welcome a puppy in your family, it is a kind of occasion similar to brining a baby in to your family. This calls for a celebration party as pets bring joy, love and happiness with them.

However, just bringing a puppy at home doesn’t complete your job. They need proper care just like your kid as they are in growing age and need to learn a lot to get tamed. Sometimes, people keep trainers to get their pets trained properly. This happens only when they don’t have time to devote due to their busy schedule. Still, a pet needs family care as well to understand love and care. You are their master, so you need to give them more attention so they obey you more than the trainer.

Not all pets are the same, and they have different personalities and therefore have to be looked into accordingly. For example, not all dogs are comfortable with camera flashes, they either start jumping or picnicking or don’t look into the flash. Taking dogs pictures are extremely difficult. There are other syndromes where some dogs are sensitive to sound or light. You have to be extra careful with such symptoms to make your pet comfortable. To get close to your dog, you need to give extra time in the beginning.

If you just think them to be a companion, then let me tell you there are many scientific benefits of having a dog at home –

  • Dogs are covered with germs and bacteria which means when a dog is at home, your house is full of bacteria. However, thankfully, theses germs make your body immune to outside pollutants and you are less likely to fall sick compared to those who have no pets, since your body is prone to germs and bacteria.
  • Study says that in families who have dogs at home, the children are diagnosed with two bacteria, Oscillospira as well as Ruminococcus. These two bacteria reduce the chances of allergies, eczema, obesity and asthma.
  • Pet owners get a chance to perform exercise either in the morning or evening while going for a dog walk. This keeps them healthy, low cholesterol and sugar level and less chances of heart related issues.
  • Apart from physical health, dog pets also help in improvement of mental health, as it reduces the probability of depression, and stress level for pet owners. Their daily routine involves too much attention towards their pets, exercise and sometimes interaction as well, which gives them a healthy as well as happy heart and mind.
  • Pet owners are softer and kind towards humanity and other social activities. Kids who grow up with pets are often seen to empathize more than adults.

Dogs are considered the best family or friend in life. Even though they don’t communicate in our language, their action speaks louder than words.

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