Useful Guidelines to Prepare for Theory Test

Theory test is obligatory before you take practical driving test. Theory is crucial, when you learn to drive. Here you gain knowledge about how to read road signs, best safe driving practices and even many basic functions related to vehicles. Theory learnt can be applied in practical test, while driving on road with an examiner.

Book theory test today, at the nearest test center. Start test preparation as soon as possible because there are lots of road rules and regulations to get familiar with. Better prepared means getting good scores and success in the first attempt, itself. The test is categorized in two sections –

  1. MCQs or multiple chose questions
  2. Hazard perception

How to prepare for MCQ test?

MCQs are taken from three different books including –

  1. Official Highway Code
  2. Official DVSA guide
  3. Know your traffic signs

Use all these three books, when you study for the test. Learning material is available that contains practice questions but first learn answers because without understanding the question fully, you will not be able to know the reasons why you got it wrong or right. Actually, the real test questions are way different than the practice ones.

Reading official publication can help you prepare properly for the test. You can even use online practice test, so as to get used to answer MCQs on-screen. Online you get lots of practice to get familiar with road signs using quiz. MCQs cover topics like –

  • Hazard awareness
  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety margins
  • Safety & your car
  • Road conditions & vehicle handling
  • Road & traffic signs
  • Road rules
  • Vehicle loading
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Motorway driving
  • Accidents & emergencies

Helpful learning tips

  • Link what you learn with your personal experience like where you saw the road sign given in the example and this will help to remember it much better.
  • Use mnemonics like VIBGYOR, which reminds rainbow colors.
  • Practice question formats for self-assessment.
  • Set timelines for study, so that nothing gets missed.
  • Take help from friends and family for quiz as well as sharing driving experience.

How to prepare for hazard perception test?

This section checks whether you recognize possible hazards, while driving on the road and how you respond to it. You will be shown 19 video clips, each one is demonstrated from drivers view point. You will have to spot developing hazards in every film, which may need you to take necessary action like changing direction or speed.

It is advised to take practice tests first prior jumping into mockery test. You even get to revise hazard perception on the internet. It will help to monitor your progress as well as reveal your weaknesses. Thus, it is ideal to tackle your issues prior your real theory test.

Take mock tests

Mock test resembles the real theory test. You get 57 minutes to complete the first section. Each question must be read twice, so that you totally understand the question. Some questions have multiple answers, so make sure you choose them correctly. If you come across a tricky question then flag it and answer it in the end, before submission.

After each mock test review your answers. You can see where you went wrong. In this way, you will learn to strengthen your weak areas and even get familiar with every questions background.

In the same way monitor multiple hazard perception videos and get to know the essential manoeuvers drivers get tested including reverse bay parking, parallel parking, and rejoining traffic.

Start your revision today!

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