Few Signs That Your Car Requires Suspension Repair

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Most of us usually take our vehicle’s suspension system for granted which is something that we need to take care.

After supporting good amount of weight of metal for years together, eventually the shocks will certainly wear out and its repair will be very essential.

Quite few of us mistakenly believe that suspension is mainly all about having smooth ride, and hence these repairs are not as important as many other maintenance issues such as brakes or oil changes etc.

However, remember having any bad suspension will greatly affect the ability to control your vehicle, particularly when turning or stopping, so it will be in the best interest of yours, not ignoring this part of the auto maintenance.

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How to know when it is right time for repair of suspension? Your vehicle itself will tell you. Watch for following 6 things.

1. Car rides roughly

You can tell about your struts or shocks are wearing out if you begin to feel almost every bump happening in the road. You can also feel when every bump will cause vehicle body to “bounce.”

Any rough ride is an obvious sign that vehicle’s suspension will need work.

2. During turns drifting or pulling

Due to failing suspension system, you will often feel that the vehicle “pulls” or “drift” when you are turning. Basically, this means when shocks are no longer keeping your vehicle stable against centrifugal force during the turn.

This will increase your risk of rollover. In case you feel this kind of sensation while turning, then it is time to take your car to trusted repair shop to do servicing.

3. Dips or “nose-dives” while stopping

If the shocks get worn out, you will feel that your vehicle body is lurching forward and also downward nose-first while you apply your brakes firmly.

Actually, this can affect the ability of stopping your car quickly.

4. Uneven tire treads

Just Take a good look at the tires. In case you notice that tread is wearing out unevenly on the tires, or you notice any balding spots, which is often symptom that your suspension is not holding your car evenly.

Hence, putting uneven amount of pressure on your tires is a good thing to do.

5. Damaged, “oily” shocks

In case you just look under your vehicle, just look directly at struts or shocks. If they appear greasy or oily, then there is good chance they are leaking and therefore are not working properly. It is probably time to replace those shocks.

6. Try doing “bounce test”

If you have suspicion about your suspension going bad, then try a simple test. Park your car and press down on the front of your vehicle with all the weight, and “bounce” it few times, and then release.

Do the same on rear of your vehicle. If your car continues to bounce or rock more than 2 to 3 times after releasing it, then it indicates that the suspension is worn out.

In case you notice any of the above signs in your car then take your car to your trusted workshops and get it properly checked.

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