Solutions for Common DIY New Head Unit Installation Pitfalls

The difficulty level of installing new head unit in your vehicle will depend on plethora of different factors. Some cars are easy to work, while a few are not. Alternatively, your own experience and skills to learn new things is also an aspect that needs to be considered. Technically, anyone can install the head unit but the key question is – ‘Is it a good idea’.

It is actually wise to have the task of car stereo installations handled by professionals. There are some big pitfalls DIY aficionado experience, which has left them frustrated and almost impatient.

DIY new head unit installation pitfalls to avoid

  • Few car radios budge out with little finagling but there are others that are hard. Unfortunately, you may end up breaking the delicate trim components.
  • Buying the wrong size head unit is the worst thing that can happen.
  • Wiring color combination are standard but if you are unlucky there may a scene when you are unclear about which wire to connect where, especially when you radio got upgraded in the past.

How to resolve the pitfalls?

Deal with dash and trim components

If you are unfortunate to have a car with center console or trim or dash components interfering, while taking out the existing head unit then you will need to look at the center console or dashboards exploded diagram [related to your car model and make]. It will help you to recognize which trim pieces to remove and gain access.

If you wish to proceed then work slowly and carefully. Never force or push anything. If something does not budge then check thoroughly for screws and bolts prior you break something.

Mounting and fitting issues

Potential fitting issues you can come across can be original head unit having abnormal shape, wrong size, and trim pieces which don’t fall into line correctly after the task is done.

To ease this make sure to buy replacement head unit of correct size, so look for same size specifications. In case your car has abnormal head unit then look for dahs kit, which is designed specifically for your car. It will make task little complicated but you need to take out the old unit. Installing dash kit first and then fixing new head unit inside the kit will be simple.

Wiring issues

Wiring process related to new head unit is challenging. People with wiring or electronic knowledge or experience will find this task easy. If not use wiring harness specially designed for your car and head unit. In the wiring harness adapters plug one end in the new unit and one end to factory harness. You are all set to go!

In case you are comfortable with the wiring or wiring harness adapter is not available then check online for relevant wiring diagram, which shows the details of your car’s wiring. Even the new head unit will be accompanied with wiring diagram. Majority of aftermarket head units apply single wire color structure.

After all the toil, it is time to go for a melodious ride in your car. Make sure to plan the new head unit installation process properly. When you increase the volume, you will remember that the attempt was worth!

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