Know All About SCR System

Probably you are aware that most of the big cities today are fighting against cars that run on diesel. It is necessary that such diesel cars must go off the roads as early as possible.

There are many reasons why people are so eager to remove diesel cars from roads. One of the biggest problems of the diesel run car is that it emits a particle called NOx. This NOx molecule can be quite bad for the health particularly when so many people are driving diesel cars.

However, we have effective EURO emission levels, which are followed by most of the car industry that made great effort in reducing this level to almost nothing.

Nowadays, two main systems are available in the market – EGR and SCR system. As per the recent study, the SCR system considered to be much more efficient as compared to EGR system.

On the website of NBOLJOR you can get few details about Yara Air 1 which is also another solution for reducing emission of nitrogen oxide.

So, let us try to understand about SCR system and how it is made and what will it be doing to the car?

SCR system

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system is meant for converting nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water.

Let us try to explain it in a simpler way. There will be number of reactions that are going to take in SCR catalyst.

AdBlue will be injected and reaction of this kind of liquid with elements of this catalyst and nitrogen oxide leads to 90% reduction of the nitrogen oxide at the end of exhaust line.

You may only find nitrogen after this reaction, and carbon dioxide and water. For working at optimum efficiency, gas comes in SCR catalyst will be at certain temperature. Which means that exhaust will be warm enough?

Hence, the position of catalyst in exhaust line will not be random.

SCR is certainly not very new that you can imagine

Let us know a bit of background information about SCR. SCR catalyst was developed in the year 1957 by an American company – Engelhard Corporation which is also known as BASF.

Since then the SCR technology was used in various industries to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions of various industrial plants, trains, boats and also many other sectors.

For many years SCR technology was used in the transport industry. Due to this expertise, it helped manufacturers for developing certain leading solution in nitrogen oxide reduction.

Future of the SCR technology

This SCR technology was approved and also enhanced over past few years. The recent studies which were made by the European commission will prove that this type of solution has been used in the right condition, and is really a very good tool to fight against nitrogen oxide.

Despite few companies made on the Diesel cars, along with an efficient system called AdBlue and SCR system. All diesel vehicles have very low level of emission now. They emit very less Carbon di-oxide and consume much less fuel as compared to petrol cars.

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