Outboard Motors and Its Types

In order to propel boats outboard, motors are generally used. Mechanically, these motors are simple as they are self-contained device that consists of an engine, gearbox and propeller or jet drive.

All these are attached from the outside of the boat, so that you can easily remove them for repair. These outboard motors will be responsible for steering and controlling the speed of the boat when it runs, that could be faster as compared to a set of oars.

The outboard motors for sale come in various power levels offering boat owners variety of options for selection.

For running the motor, one will either need to press start button or try to pull string that is attached to it. One can easily recognize outboard motors as a box-shaped device that is actually your engine.

As the motor will be started, the part which is right under engine will get filled with water that acquired weight and submerge lowest part called the propeller.

As outboard motors usually stay under water, so they may get tangled among the seaweeds or may get damaged when it is used on boats that runs in shallow grounds.

To prevent motor to get spoilt, the operator must carefully tilt the motor up and also out of water while passing through any shallow waters or while removing debris of the propeller.

There are two main outboard motor types available:

  1. Gasoline powered
  2. Electric powered

Among these two, usually gas-powered outboards will be very commonly used. They will emit very loud sound and generally preferred for the speed. They also come in various sizes.

Boats that use small motors are much easier to navigate due to their light weight. You can find larger motors for boats which are meant for longer travels and also to gain speed if it is weighty boat.

Electric powered versions will make application of jet drive in place of propellers. Normally they are used in areas where it will not be advisable to use gas motors like shallow areas.

Outboard motors that are gas powered will either be 2 or 4-stroke engines. They both have their pros and cons. 2-stroke engines are generally known for the power that made them the most preferred type for speed boats with high performance.

However, such motors will emit loud sound that can deteriorate the environment. Due to these reasons, 2-stroke engines are generally prohibited on certain bodies of water. Use of 4-stroke engines that can provide much cleaner and finer ride.

The 4-stroke outboard motor which is gas powered, works similar to the 4-stroke system in cars. 4-stroke engines will produce less smoke, remains cool for longer time and friendlier to various engine components.

Also, reports have appeared that this type of engine uses lesser fuel as compared to 2-stroke motors.

Electric outboard motors are quite type which is right for fishing as it will not scare off the fishes. Few other advantages will be low cost of maintenance and emission-free operation.

Disadvantage of such electric systems is their limited battery capacity which does not allow for long travel. Also, weight of these lead acid batteries may not be proportional to the power it could offer.

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