Travellers Guide; Filters To Find A Good Hotel While Travelling Abroad

Like the rest of the United States, Miami is a heart for luxury hotels if you’re thinking of an event in Miami. What determines the word ‘luxury’ in hotels? Is the label even scored or the ‘so called’ hotels proclaim this themselves. Generally, in the hospitality business, the ratings are allowed by critically like-minded organizations, though, things are different for luxury hotels and four or five star hotels.

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What elements makes a ‘luxury hotel’; how do you define it.

If you’re considering a four or five-star hotel, the elements that define if the hotel is justifying the number of stars it proclaims to be off is

  • Superlative services
  • High standards of comfort
  • Originality in architecture and interior design
  • High-grade construction material
  • Best in class interior decor
  • Special touches like fresh flowers and plants in abundance
  • Number of staff to number of guest ratio
  • Variety of gourmet dining options
  • 24/7 hour available room service
  • Health care facilities
  • Luxury apartments
  • Big swimming pools and spas

All these facilities at a steep price are what defines a four or five-star hotel.

Now, talking about what elements define a luxury hotel, so whoever thrives for excellence in their service of hospitality consider themselves as a luxury hotel. It’s not an award and it’s not even about being a 4 or 5-star hotel. It’s a self-made the declaration by the hotels that good is not a word for them when it comes to their service, excellence is what they believe in.

A 5-star hotel working functionally and sustaining their efficiency may or may not be a luxury hotel. However, a hotel of lower rank may achieve the tag of a luxury hotel.

How to find a luxury hotel or a five-star hotel which is worth paying the price for your next trip.

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Don’t get fooled while booking the hotel for your next time, follow the steps to save yourself from being cheated and wasting your hard earned money.

  • Do some research: Research is an essential element that needs to be practiced by every individual before spending money. You’re going to a foreign country, take out sometime in between your daily routine to search out for best available options and proceed.
  • Decide between luxury or economy class: What do you need, a space to keep your things safe and spread your legs to rest which I generally prefer. Or you want the classy large and hi-fi rich class luxury room with 24/7 room service. Decide before you go online and pay for one of these to any hotels.
  • Take recommendations: Friends and companions who are frequent travelers are a good source of recommendations. They have to places where you want to travel now, learn from their travel and hoteling experience. Ask them for cheap options, comfortable at the same time.
  • Lookup for reviews by other travellers: There are multiple travel sites where travellers often come up and share their hotel experience. Believe it or not, they are the best source of learning, they don’t leave any stone unturned, expressing every bad and good thing about their experience. Before you confirm your bookings look for reviews about the hotel which you are supposed to book.
  • Compare and Contrast prices: Compare and contrast prices of different hotels that you have sorted out, don’t just go for a hotel because of their popularity, stick to your own perspective and needs.
  • Lookup for centrally located hotels to ease transportation: Transportation is going to cost you more than your hotel charges when you’re abroad. Make sure the public transport is easily accessible from the hotel you choose to stay in.

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