Few Things That You Must Avoid Doing with An Escort

Since centuries, people have been visiting brothel to meet prostitutes and now all these activities are well regulated by certain professional agencies and they are now called as an Escort.

Basically, the purpose of an escort remains more or less the same, however they are more professional and sophisticated kind. LOveSita is a well-known agency in Paris who can supply such escorts as per your need and choice.

However, if you are dealing with an escort for the first time then you must know how to behave with them. Following are few things that you must always avoid to do with them.

1. Don’t try to be mean

You cannot disrespect any escort or be unkind to them. Behave with them like you behave with any respectful women so that the time that you spend with them can be pleasant and both you and the escort enjoy the companionship.

2. Never ask for freebie

When you have agreed to meet her then you must have settled certain fees. Having settled the issue once it will be very unfair on your part to ask for any freebie. She is here with you to do certain job and that is what she will do.

3. Don’t invite friends too

Escort has been provided only for you unless you have discussed with the agency that you want to bring your friends too. The fee that has been agreed for only you and you are not allowed to bring any third person.

4. Don’t be shy or nervous

Be confident even if you are meeting escorts for the first time, she will any way make you comfortable. However, if you are shy or nervous then she will know it and try to dominate you more and you will not be able to demand from her much.

5. Don’t cancel without notifying

Once you have fixed up an appointment with an escort then you must respect it and prefer not to cancel it. In case, there are circumstance beyond your control then you must give an advance notice. Not doing this will show rudeness on your part.

6. Don’t ignore all boundaries

There are certain rules and guidelines that the agency will tell you when you hire any escort from them. You must not try to cross those rules, otherwise the escort may warn once and if you still repeat then she may quit.

7. Don’t arrive dirty

Prefer to come in nicely dressed, neatly shaven after taking shower in a gentleman’s attire rather than coming in dirty way.

8.  Don’t be careless about your belongings

Remember you are going to meet a stranger girl who is engaged in a dark profession. Therefore, it is for your interest, to take proper care of your belongings.

9.  Never lend your phones

Nowadays, use of mobile phones are very common and therefore, whatever the situation may be, you must avoid lending your mobile phone to the escort.

10. Don’t loan any money

Also, you must be very careful about your money while meeting with escorts. Never try to offer any loan as this will create a personal relationship with them that you must avoid.

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