Attack on Pearl Harbor Begins

In the first few moments of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor several American ships are destroyed and numerous lives are lost.
Ford Island Naval Air Station Hit

The first of the Japanese bombs to fall during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands on December 7, 1941, hit Ford Island Naval Air Station. The first bomb to fall, aimed at Catalinas at the southern end of the station, not only missed the air station itself but also Ford Island. The others didn’t miss.

The sudden attack on the air station, witnessed by both the minelayer-headquarters vessel Oglala and the battleship West Virginia, immediately caused confusion for the Americans. The Oglala sent out orders for all ships to sortie. The West Virginia, believing there had been an explosion on board the California, gave orders for rescue parties to head for the battle force flagship. Within seconds of this compound confusion, personnel of both ships realized the truth of the situation.

Helena Hit, Oglala Sunk

Soon after, bombs were dropped on the Utah and the Raleigh, with another bomber flying across Ford Island and aiming his torpedo at ships lying in the berth that was normally occupied by the flagship Pennsylvania. However, that particular day the Oglala and the Helena were docked there instead. The torpedo ran under the Oglala and hit the Helena, causing one engine room and one boiler room to flood on the Helena.

This resulted in the Oglala, being old and having been commissioned in to the US Navy twenty-four years to that very day as well as lacking watertight doors and bulkheads, splitting open her hull due to the pressure wave from the hit on the Helena. In two-hours the Oglala had capsized and sunk to the bottom.

Death Aboard the Utah

The Utah, having been hit by two torpedoes, capsized. Sixty-four of her officers and men went to their deaths aboard this ship.

California, Oklahoma, West Virginia Doomed

By 0800, 8:00 am, the battleships, California, Oklahoma, and West Virginia had been hit and were in desperate trouble. The Oklahoma, in quick succession, was hit by three torpedoes. Nearly instantly, she began to heel over and the order went out to abandon her. But trouble for the Oklahoma and her crew was far from over.

Bombing Pearl Harbor: A Day of Infamy continues with The USS Arizona: A Memorial for all Times.

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Parker’s Fort, Texas

John Parker, a staunch and stubborn Baptist preacher, established Parker’s Fort in 1836. Two years earlier, in 1832, Parker had led his clan of some 30 hardy frontier folk from Virginia. They left their civilized homeland far behind them, bringing with them those things most useful and important to them. Among those items were their devout belief in God, their strong backs and callused hands, and their determination to make a new home in this wild and uncivilized land called Texas.

Parker had led his clan along the Brazos River, in what would some day be called Limestone County. The land was open and beautiful. It abound with wildfowl, bear and deer. The soil was rich and gave abundant life to oak trees, lush grass and vast areas of bluebonnet flowers, as Scot pioneers called them.

On the Navasota River Parker built a stockade, naming it Parker’s Fort. Here, the entire group lived. Outside of the fort his people established cornfields. In the nearby region there were only two or three other cabins. It was a wild and untamed land. Their other neighbors were mostly of the Native variety.

Thirteen years earlier, in 1821, Stephen Austin had selected a site on the Brazos River in Texas for a settlement. By the time the Parkers came to Texas Austin had brought more than 5,000 settlers into Texas. Five thousand settlers may seem like a large number until you consider that Texas was, and is, a vast area, totaling 268,601 square miles.

Texas, in the early 1800 and for many years later, was mostly an uncivilized and hostile land populated by roving and war-like bands of Indians. These various tribes lived off of the land, utilizing and eating what was at hand. Their diets varied from the different animals they could kill, insects, and plants of all kinds. The cuisine of the Atakapan tribes contained the strangest variety of all-other people they had killed. The Choctaw Indians called these eaters of human flesh ‘Caddos,’ meaning “man-eater.” But the Caddos were not entirely unique in their dinning preferences. The Karankawa tribes of Texas had a formidable reputation as cannibals and early on acquired a reputation for savagery and bestiality.

Not all of the early tribes in Texas were war-like, though all would defend their separate territories. But two tribes invoked instant terror by the mere mention of their names. The Apache roamed the High Plains, the richest game area in North America. Here could be found vast herds of bison, as well as elk, deer and antelope. The Apache were the terror of the plains as, also, was another greatly feared tribe.

Censorship/Banned Books – Let’s Be Bad

I did a bit of surfing to find out what is generally considered, by those who wish to control the internet, to be the worst. I expected to find some pretty shocking stuff. Here’s the consensus:

Complete Text of Mein Kampf- It would seem to me that, if one opposed Adolf Hitler, the first thing that he should do is haul this out. Ignorance leads nowhere and this book will probably help someone recognise a potential Hitler faster than any other. The general suspicion of those who don’t want you to read it is that they rather admire Adolf and would like to use his methods without getting caught at it.

Text of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion- Written by the aryans and blamed on the jews with typical aryan “double-think.” Are you as shocked as I am? Frankly it’s a good laugh, but anyone who takes it seriously has more problems than the net can cause.

Sites that Contain Law-Breaking Techiques- Didn’t find all that many. Looked around for one on building an H-Bomb, but couldn’t find it. Here’s one that will get you into places you shouldn’t go, but you have to buy a book.. Paladin Press offers: The Ultimate Sniper: An Advanced Training Manual, Hidden in Plain Sight: A Practical Guide to Concealed Handgun Carry, Medicine Chest Explosives: An Investigator’s Guide to Chemicals Used in Home-Cooked Bombs, Improvised Explosives: How to Make Your Own, Guerrilla’s Arsenal: Advanced Techniques for Making Explosives and Time-Delay Bombs, The Anarchist Arsenal: Improvised Incendiary and Explosives Techniques, and, the ultimate own your own business manual Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors. These will, I’m sure, strengthen your law-breaking techiques.

Pictures of Nude Women Quite a few of these, but most are restricted in one way or another, a majority charge you to look and about 80% require you to prove your age with “Adult Check” or another fee charging service. I did, however find a nude lass on a collectable Playboy Stock Certificate, as well as nude pics of Elizabeth Berkeley, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson and Amy Lynn. I do hope you are appropriately shocked.

There you go. That’s about the worst I could find that are not blocked in some way. This is why politicians want to take away your rights. This is what has the “Religious Right’s” underwear in a bunch. Real big deal isn’t it?

Censorship/Banned Books – Same to You, Fella

Censorship is not always what it appears to be. Often, it is a competition. One striking example comes from the Fundamentalist Christian point of view. While Fundamentalist groups often take the lead in calling for schools, stores and libraries to ban certain books, their own books are unavailable in schools, libraries and stores. Which creates a very interesting and ambiguous problem. During Banned Book Week, you can walk into a store or a library and see all the books that Fundamentalist groups want banned sitting in a nice display. How about books written by members of these groups? Libraries don’t buy them. Bookstores don’t carry them. School districts quietly keep them out of school libraries.

What we have to ask ourselves is where the real censorship is. Is calling for a ban on certain books that exist in 90 per cent of the world’s libraries censorship? Or is the purposeful exclusion of all books from a certain point of view censorship? For example, take a look at the books advertised in the Fundamentalist newspaper Jubilee. Go to your local library or your local bookstore and try to find them. Ask your school if any are included in the school’s cirriculum. I did and, frankly, they are more effectively banned than any book the “religious right” has ever targeted.

There is no doubt that the Fundamentalists want to ban books. There is also no doubt that their books are already banned. So, if we want to find out their reasons for wanting to ban certain books, we can’t. If they are wrong, let them be wrong in the light of day, that’s what freedom of expression is all about. It exists to expose a bad idea, as well as promote a good one. As long as librarians trot out classics and say someone wants to ban them while effectively censoring the point of view that wants to ban them, the censors are really the librarians themselves, wouldn’t you say?

Censorship/Banned Books – Who was Robert Rich?

It was at the Academy Awards in 1957 that Deborah Kerr introduced Robert Rich to all of those people who leave the theater before the credits run through. He won the Oscar for best screenplay for his script of The Brave One. The president of the Screen Writers Guild accepted his statuette, making some lame excuse for his absence. The truth was that Robert Rich couldn’t accept the statuette, because there was no Robert Rich.

It was back in 1947 that the federal government decided that Hollywood was riddled with communism. Representitive J. Parnell Thomas of New Jersey headed the House Un-American Activities Committee and became the first of several anti-Communist “witch hunters,” a trend that continued well into the fifties under the greatest witch-hunter of them all, Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. Thomas held his hearings, the outgrowth of which was the infamous “blacklist” and the incarceration of ten Hollywood figures: Ring Lardner Jr., Edward Dmytryk, Herbert Biberman, Adrian Scott, Dalton Trumbo, John Howard Lawson, Albert Maltz, Samuel Ornitz, Lester Cole and Alvah Bessie, who are now known as The Hollywood Ten.

Unable to work under their own names in motion pictures, some of the people on the blacklist turned to live theater, trade publication and work abroad. Others employed “fronts” and pseudonyms. As these pseudonyms come to light, what becomes obvious is that from the initial blacklist in 1947 to the breaking of it with Dalton Trumbo’s credit for writing Sparticus, blacklisted writers did one hell of a lot of screenwriting. Nearly 30 pictures are now credited to them, with more coming to light every year. One of them, Trumbo, recieved an Academy Award under the name Robert Rich.

As I have mentioned before, censorship, in the long run, is probably an impossibility. The only reason it seems to exist is that the public seems to like to humor its politicians by allowing them to think they can actually do it.

7 Simple Key Points to Success on Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have got probably heard of Twitter. It is a rocking hot social networking site that seems to be to be used by almost everyone today. It’s on the news, on the radio and on the minds of several thousand people everywhere, every single day.

There are lots of types of people on Twitter. But, most of these people are on Twitter for a single reason. They want individuals to know about them. They wish to connect with people. Many people.


Did you know there are Twitter Rules for marketing and business success in everything you do. I am a marketer while having been for a lot of years. In the last couple of years my business has been expanding by leaps and bounds, because of social media plus the internet. But, there are rules that all marketers must follow if they are going to have success within the marketplace, especially online.


Here you will find the 7 Simple Rules to Success on Twitter:


1) The Rule of Visibility on Twitter.


You absolutely needs to be visible on Twitter if you’re likely to get your message out to your masses. You must spend time on Twitter and get to know people. You must put yourself together a “Twitter Blueprint” and then work that bluprint every day. How many hours on a daily basis are you going to be seen on Twitter? How many individuals are you likely to follow this week? How several times are you likely to Tweet this week? How many direct replies will you make? A few of these things cause you to “visible” on Twitter. Be seen and stay heard. Be there every day.


2) The Rule of a Powerful Twitter Profile.


Why would people want to get to know you on Twitter? Among the first things they will check out is your Twitter profile. What does it say, or better yet, what does it do? Does it make people curious and wish to get to know you? Does it cause them to smile? Does it make them think? Does it make them see that you have value with regards to their life and perhaps can help change it?


Powerful Twitter profiles are NOT based on what is said in your profile, but on which your profile DOES. Does it direct them to DO something? Does it tell them you are a person they really have to get to know? Put yourself AVAILABLE TO YOU and tell the entire world why they need you as a friend, and get them to take some action towards YOU.


3) The Rule of Twittering.


You MUST use Twitter to market or to share your message. Many people regard Twitter as a communication utility much like an email. It is really not! Twitter is a way for you to definitely build – MESSAGE BY MESSAGE – FOLLOW BY FOLLOW – PHOTO BY PHOTO – VIDEO BY VIDEO – your brand on Twitter. Every time something happens with you, Twitter about it. Don’t just glance at Twitter, get the messages out there and stay seen. Answer the messages on Twitter. Thank people for sharing their Tweet with you. This will show up on their Twitter and even more people will see you. This will set you aside from most people on Twitter. Twitter is basically a billboard of everything you and your friends are doing on Twitter. So use it often and make use of it wisely. Do not forget that everyone is watching everything you say.


4) The Rule of Twitter Networking.


You are part of a Twitter along with access to that huge network of people to become their friend and business partner. You can live anywhere and possess access to this huge audience. There are literally thousands of people on Twitter which you could potentially meet and then get to know and connect with. There is local Twitterers as well. You’ll find that Twitter is a gold mine of individuals in order to connect with and build trust with. This may lead to business down the road. So go Twitter now!


5) The Rule of Twitter Direct Messages.


This can be an overlooked and rarely talked about Twitter tool. Direct messages are part of the “Twitter System.” Go to Direct Messages in your sidebar. That is a summary of people who are thinking in regards to you, talking about you, including you and connecting with you. That is a goldmine of people that have proven that they are behind you and willing in order to make you a part of the Twitter experience. Pay attention to your Twitter messages. Thank them for their thoughts and allow them to know you appreciate it. Reply back into them whenever possible. The Direct Messages are gold and can be a prospecting Vault of valuable leads. Make sure you stay connected to them.


6) The Rule of Twitter Pictures and Videos.


Sharing photos and videos on Twitter is HOT. People love photos and videos. The Tweets with photos and videos are the most looked at and watched Tweets on Twitter. Make some videos and upload them. Upload some photographs. Not only will they be viewed, nonetheless they will also be Re-Tweeted several times. This means that you can pick out Tweets you like and share all of them with others. Now isn’t that cool? It is called exposure! It enables you to post a photo or video which you like and then it sends it out for all of Twitter to see. It shares the image that you want and allows everyone to see a glimse into the personal life. It can help people see you as a real person and not just a website, so share some of your personal life on Twitter. Find interesting photos and videos of others and send them out as well. People love to look at pictures and watch videos. Use this to your advantage.It will build exposure for you.


7) The Rule of Twitter Search.


When you are doing a Twitter search, it is certainly going to bring you a summary of people who have a lot in common with you. Just go to and type in what you are actually searching for. You’ll find plenty of other Twitterers who are Tweeting about what interests you. You can build a list in your area of expertise and then chances are you can send Twitter direct messages to them. Make sure these are typically messages of value and interest. Show them you are an expert in this field. This provides you huge exposure. Whatever you are doing, like posting a message, uploading a video or photo, writing and publishing an article, or just commenting on another person’s message regarding the Twitter, it’s going to show up on Twitter. Be seen, and become seen often if you are trying to brand yourself on Twitter.


You’ll want to establish relationships and build a community to market to. But, if you are going to market on Twitter, then you have to at least get a blueprint of how and when to do so. The 7 Rules of Twitter hopefully gave you some ideas in your social media marketing. Please inform me everything you think and what ideas you’ve got.

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